Supercharge Your Home Service Business Growth with the World’s Most Advanced Client Acquisition Setup

Using our proprietary ST8 Home Service™ acquisition method, we’ll get you at least 15-20 additional business opportunities per month within the first 90 days GUARANTEED.

In the First 90 days our average marketing partner (not our best)

New inquiries per month


More Conversions


increase in revenue


You Don’t Need Another Generic Digital Marketing Agency, You Need A Specialized Marketing Partner

Let’s be honest, if generic marketing agencies worked you wouldn’t be reading this.

Most agencies focus too much on technical terminology, and not enough on leads, calls, and the only metric that really matters, SALES.

We call BS.

At ST8, we specialize in one thing and one thing only…

Partnering with local home service companies and generating business opportunities and sales.

So we’ve spent the past 10 years testing and iterating the world’s most advanced customer acquisition setup for local home service providers so we can squeeze out every last dollar from your ad budget. We call this program: ST8 Home Service™.

You see unlike most agencies we work on a performance basis meaning we get paid on how much money we generate for you, NOT some random retainer or a % of how much money you spend as this way incentives are perfectly aligned and both parties are motivated toward one universal goal…

Maximizing your sales!!!

This end to end agency model allows us to create a positive feedback loop by sending your sales data back into our traffic generating systems so we can identify the winners and spend more of your marketing budget on the campaigns that are driving the most revenue.

So what does all of this technical jargon mean for you?

Well first off, it means no more stress or anxiety about where your next customer is going to come from.

It means no more guessing which campaigns are generating your leads and sales so you can rest assured that your marketing dollars are being distributed correctly.

It means a lower cost per lead, more conversions from your existing traffic, more sales, and more revenue/profit for your business.

It means that you’ll finally have the predictable business generation system you’ve been praying for.

But more importantly, it means you’ll finally have found the specialist marketing partner that you can trust and scale with longterm.

So if you are sick and tired of paying big retainers to a bunch of generalist amateurs and getting nothing but excuses then maybe it’s time you partnered with a team of specialists who are willing to put skin in the game and their money where their mouth is.

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ST8 Home Service™

Acquisition Framework

Case Studies

Your success is our greatest reward.

81% More Calls In 90 Days Flat WITHOUT Increasing Ad Spend

We employed our ST8 Home Service™️ approach, combining SEO, PPC, email marketing and CRM implementation to target the most demanded services in several different locations.

By focusing on the most demanded services per location, and creating a lead nurturing system, we established a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) and 2x higher ROI.

The Results

Once the acquisition set up was implemented, The Alliance Group was generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in new leads on a consistent basis.

We can now also establish an accurate CPA for each service in every region, and accounting for every dollar spent.

Smart digital ads, call-tracking, conversion, and lifetime value, provide ongoing insight into the market and continues to improve performance week after week.


Remediation Services


80% Increase In Leads In 3 Months With The Same Ads Spend

3x The Number Inquiries Per Week

Utilizing our  ST8 Home Service™️ approach, we employed local optimization techniques to enhance the frame shop’s online visibility among potential customers seeking framing services in the Los Angeles area. By optimizing their website, local listings, and online reviews, we improved search engine rankings and increased organic traffic.

We also implemented a powerful email automation campaign to engage past clients and potential customers. Personalized email content and strategic follow-ups ensured that Universal Art Gallery remained top-of-mind for individuals in need of framing services, resulting in a significant increase in inquiries.

The Results

Our method tripled Universal Art Gallery’s weekly inquiries. By utilizing local optimization techniques and targeted email automation, we not only increased the number of inquiries but also achieved a remarkable 150% surge in the average ticket item value. Our focus on maximizing return on investment enabled substantial revenue growth for the gallery.




Massive Lead Generation Increase, From Adwords And Local SEO

Meet the Team

Monte Tomerlin

Gustavo Morais

Founder, CEO

Meet Gus, the seasoned agency owner with 20+ years of experience, responsible for generating multimillion-dollar success stories for his clients.

With decades of deep-rooted expertise in design, advertising, and digital marketing, Gus has masterminded the ultimate client acquisition setup exclusively for Home Service Providers. He’s personally involved with every client to deliver unparalleled expertise and white-glove service.

Monte Tomerlin

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